Child Support

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Caring for a child is an expensive undertaking, and as a single parent, the financial commitment can be overwhelming. Child support therefore is not only one of the most financially trying aspects of a divorce, but also one of the most emotionally taxing as you seek to secure the financial safety of your most precious, irreplaceable assets: your children.

Illinois law states that parents have a legal duty to support their children, and the aim of child support is to ensure both parents are responsible for and reliable in the care of their children in the event of divorce. The parent that does not have custody of the child pays the child support, while the custodial parent, the one who lives with the child, receives the payment.

Illinois law requires that the non-custodial parent pay a certain percentage of his or her net income toward child support. These minimums range from 20% of your income for one child and 28% for two children to up to 50% for six or more children. If a child has special needs, the court can order support in excess of the minimum guidelines.

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