Chicago criminal fraud defense from Kevin M. Rosner.

fraudIf you’ve been accused of fraud, you know the severity of the charges against you and the life behind bars you could be facing if convicted. There are several different types of fraud, including embezzlement and false advertising, identity theft, credit card fraud, investment fraud, mortgage fraud and social security or disability fraud. These crimes can yield significant prison sentences, fines or a permanent criminal record, which puts the opportunity for future employment in peril. It takes an expert lawyer like Kevin M. Rosner to navigate the intricacies of these white collar crimes to provide you with the best defense possible.

In this digital age, courts take the issue of identity theft quite seriously. When an individual is accused of unlawfully obtaining or manufacturing another person’s financial information in order to obtain goods or services in their name, the minimum sentence is often one-three years in jail. However, depending upon the amount the identify theft was for, if convicted an individual could spend up to 30 years in prison.

Major financial crimes, such as Ponzi schemes, are widely reported in the media, but these crimes can vary greatly in their scope. Adding a few zeros to a check or trying to cheat on your income taxes could yield up to seven years in jail if the accused is convicted.

As the digital and financial worlds keep evolving, Kevin M. Rosner stays current on how changes in the law can affect his clients. Trust in his expertise to provide you with a thorough and experienced defense to these very serious charges. Contact us now for a free consultation!