Drug Offenses

Chicago drug defense attorney who is willing to fight for you.

drug-offenseMost drug offenses carry substantial fines and jail time. If the drug charge is considered a felony, this will affect future employment. Misdemeanor charges, such as possession of a small amount of marijuana, are also on your criminal record and can be viewed by prospective employers, which threatens job security and future employment. If a child is convicted of a drug charge, they will be unable to obtain any government student aid, loans or grants for one-two years.

Depending upon the type and the amount of the drug that is involved, as well as the location of the possession or sale (those within 1,500 feet of a school, church, public park or movie theater face more significant fines), the court could order a convicted individual to pay several thousand dollars in fines. The court could also order that that individual spend a significant amount of time in jail and seize property if they believe it was acquired with money from illegal drug activity.

Your freedom and future are at risk, and you need an attorney who can understand the nuances of Illinois drug laws, the constitutionality of search and seizures and the testimony of expert witnesses. That attorney is Kevin M. Rosner, who will advocate on your behalf tirelessly to get drug charges against you reduced or entirely dismissed. Contact us now for a free consultation!