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Case #36691054 – DUI dismissed!

DUI with breathalyzer dismissed on the date of trial.

Case No. YK-038-6165 – Summary Suspension Rescinded!

One year summary suspension rescinded for ‘reasonable grounds’ as officer was on military leave.

21 CR 1789 – Felony Case Dismissed!

Client’s Class 3 Felony for unauthorized possession of credit cards dismissed on the date of trial.

Case 20 DT 987 – NOT GUILTY OF DUI!

Client found not guilty of DUI following a bench trial.

Case 38950776 – Summary Suspension Rescinded!

After an Illinois State Trooper brought client to the hospital she did not knowingly refuse consent to DUI testing. Petition granted!

Case 2020 CF 1679 – No Prison Time

Client charged with marijuana trafficking – a Class X felony. Case reduced to possession for probation with no prison sentence.

Case 19 DT 137 – Not Guilty of DUI

After a stipulated bench trial, my client was found ‘not guilty’ of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Case 2021 OP 20027 – Order of Protection

After client’s ex-husband threatened her, Court granted two year order of protection on her behalf and their minor child.

Case SE033434 – DUI Dismissed

Client’s DUI dismissed after a finding of no reasonable grounds for an arrest.


Client’s statutory summary suspension rescinded as Court found no reasonable grounds to arrest him for driving under the influence.