Orders Of Protection

Get an order of protection in your Chicago divorce.

police-protectYour safety is of the utmost importance. An order of protection, also known as a restraining order, is intended to stop domestic violence, harassment, intimidation or interference with your personal freedom. These can be complex issues, and to retain the services of Kevin M. Rosner means you’ll have an advocate fighting for your safety and freedom in court.

Three types of orders of protection exist: emergency orders of protection, interim orders of protection and plenary orders of protection. Kevin M. Rosner can assist you in filing a petition for an order of protection, which may be filed where the victim lives, where the abuser lives, where the abuse occurred, or where the victim is temporarily housed in a safe location.

A judge will grant an emergency order of protection if they are convinced the victim is in immediate danger or experiencing emotional distress. An interim order, which can last up to 30 days, will protect a victim after the emergency order of protection expires and before the court can enter a plenary order of protection. A plenary order of protection, which can last up to two years, may only be issued after a court hearing.

Kevin M. Rosner will represent your best interests at this hearing and present evidence regarding the infringement of your rights. Successfully petitioning the court for an order of protection allows you to get back to the business of living, and begins to lift the veil of fear and frustration that comes from feeling unsafe. Let Kevin M. Rosner help you gain the control back in your life through his expertise in orders of protection. Contact us now for a free consultation!