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Kevin Rosner handles all aspects of the divorce process including

  • Divorce
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Guardianship
  • Property Division and Financial Settlements
  • Post-Judgment Modifications

Ending a marriage can be an emotionally charged decision. Promises are broken, trust is betrayed, feelings are hurt and hearts are broken. Despite their emotional qualities, the best divorces operate as business transactions to address the issues related to money, property and children. Kevin Rosner has the experience and objectivity to handle this process – which can involve complex and trying aspects such as negotiation, discovery of assets, litigation, custody issues and more. Most important, Kevin has the experience to assist as you create in the best possible resolution to your situation. He has guided and participated in a variety of divorce scenarios – from angry, contested matters to simple, collaborative resolutions.

Divorce is an incredibly difficult and emotionally straining time for any family. You can trust in the experience of Kevin M. Rosner to provide you with the knowledge and sensitivity you need during this life-changing event.

There are many complex issues that will need to be decided by you and your spouse at this time, which can include: division of assets, division of debt, child custody and support, the grounds for divorce and alimony.

The legal process in this matter can be a lengthy one. If you are the individual who initiates the divorce, you will have to file the petition for dissolution of marriage and detail the grounds for the divorce, either fault, such as adultery, physical cruelty or desertion or no fault. e.g., irreconcilable differences. Once the petition is filed within the court, the respondent will be served with the petition and a summons to appear. Kevin M. Rosner is adept at handling the process of service, as we want it taken care of in as dignified of a fashion as possible.

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Once served, your spouse has 30 days to file a written response to the petition. It is at this juncture that if you are the respondent, you would retain counsel. Kevin M. Rosner can represent your best interests if securing temporary child support, maintenance or payment toward marital expenses is needed. He will remain by your side once the value of the marital estate is determined, and negotiations for settlement begin. If you have children, custody and visitation rights will also play into this negotiation. During the negotiation phase of the case, Kevin M. Rosner will appear on your behalf at status hearings to inform the judge of the progress on the case.

If parties are unable to reach an agreement, they may undergo a pretrial conference in the judge’s chambers to attempt to reach settlement without preparing for a full trial. However, should the matter be set for trial, Kevin M. Rosner will work tirelessly to interview potential witnesses and thoroughly review expert reports and marital assets. A final divorce judgment will be made at the conclusion of this trial.

Whether your divorce is settled early on in the process or the matter takes months, Kevin M. Rosner will be there to provide expert advice to secure your best interests every step of the way. Contact us now for a free consultation!