Chicago criminal expungement lawyer Kevin M. Rosner.

expungementsYour criminal record has the ability to follow you everywhere, resulting in lost job opportunities, difficulties securing loans or grants, or not being able to buy a home. Under Illinois law, a person can file a petition asking the Court to remove, or expunge, parts of their criminal record, meaning that arrests, supervisions and qualifying probations would no longer appear. Your criminal record is destroyed, as if the crime never occurred.

You qualify for an expungement if you have never been convicted of a criminal offense, municipal ordinance violation or a Class A or B traffic offense. You must not have any conviction on your record at all to be eligible for expungement. You can immediately file a petition for expungement for some case outcomes, such as acquittals or dismissals, but case outcomes such as stricken with leave to reinstate or non-suit can carry a 120-160 day waiting period before you’re able to file a petition. With cases that resulted in special probation, you must wait five years before filing a petition for expungement.

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