Case No. YE-012-649 Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence granted

Motorist pulled over for improper lane usage and arrested immediately.   Motion granted and all evidence, including a breathalyzer result, suppressed as the arresting officer had no reasonable grounds to arrest the motorist for DUI.  Case dismissed.


Client found not guilty of disorderly conduct following a bench trial.  December 2015.

Judge Bellows Rules for Rosner Client On Custody Judgment

Cook County Circuit Judge Carole Bellows ruled in favor of Kevin Rosner’s client in a case involving whether a custody judgment is valid after a divorce case is voluntarily dismissed.  The judge ruled that unless the judgment was based on an independent petition it would not survive a voluntary dismissal.  The complete ruling is discussed in the attached Illinois Divorce Digest story. (January 2016)

YB 097-479 Not Guilty DUI/Illegal Alcohol Transport

Client found not guilty of DUI and Illegal Transportation of alcohol following a bench trial.

TH 382 186 Suspension Rescinded

Client’s summary suspension for DUI (one year) rescinded for improper Warning to Motorist.


Case 15 DT 899 Suspension Rescinded

Client’s one-year summary suspension rescinded for improper warnings following a hearing.

Case YB-187-862 Not Guilty of DUI

Client found not guilty of DUI following a bench trial (July 2015)

Case 14 DT 1395 Dismissal of DUI Arrest

Case 14 DT 1395:  Following a summary suspension hearing, the court held no reasonable grounds to arrest the driver for driving under the influence of drugs.  The village attorney subsequently dismissed the charges.


Case: 14 D 001578

Motion to strike and dismiss motion to modify custody granted for forum non-conveniens where father residing in Illinois could not modify custody Judgment when children were residing in Nevada with mother.

Case: YW 160-841

Following a bench trial client was found not guilty of DUI. Summary suspension also rescinded following a hearing where Court found no reasonable grounds for a DUI arrest.