expungementsMany legal cases languish, move slowly or frustrate the people involved in them. In more than 15 years of law practice, Kevin Rosner has seen and been part of many cases where people get ‘stuck’ in the legal process and often the emotional issues surrounding difficult situations.

His focus is on helping move cases and people ahead and avoiding unnecessary action. “Does this move your case forward,” he often asks his clients to evaluate the wisdom of certain choices. For example, in divorce, the electricity of a “fight” can often get the best of people as their personal situations play out. Kevin helps guide each client so that their legal actions center on good decision-making that actually advances their case toward resolution. Similarly in criminal matters, people are often driven by a fear of the unknown and benefit from a rational voice to temper emotional decisions.

Through the years, Kevin has developed a patient and measured approach that helps clients focus on the overall process and strategy of their cases. As a partner with his clients, he helps them understand both the power and limitations of the legal system as well as provides a framework for productive decision making.